Sanguine Samhain (Fairy) (Bookmark)

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This bookmark features Sanguine, the October fairy, and a pumpkin in celebration of Samhain.

A tidbit about Samhain (paraphrased from various sources):
October 31. Also known has Halloween (the pronunciation of Samhain is actually pretty close). Colors are orange and black. It is sometimes referred to as the witch's new year, in line with an old Celtic tradition where the year started with the start of winter. Samhain is Irish for the end of summer; it is the final harvest (and fall) holiday. A festival to honor the dead, it is said that the veils between worlds are weakest on this day.

A tidbit about Sanguine:
Sanguine is one of the 13 fairies that I made up once upon a time (ha ha, no pun intended...ish) when I was a composing a (as of yet and probably perpetually) unfinished story about Sleeping Beauty. There's one for every month, plus one extra. They have all sorts of alliances and suchlike and are at war, and elemental, and all have weird names that are vaguely associated with their month names, function, or holidays therein.
Sanguine is the fairy of October. "Sanguine" means "hopeful" and alternatively "blood red," referencing the Blood Moon of October. She is the oldest of all the fairies and pretty much in charge. She hold council with her two closest sisters Mellie (November), and Eurydice (December). In disputes with the more tempestuous fairies (such as Moira and Juniper), she is the voice of reason (and the only one they will listen to).

This bookmark measures 2" x 5 1/4". All my bookmarks now come in plastic sleeves!