Lachesis (Print)

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Lachesis is one of the three Moirai/Fates. The middle sister who measures the thread of life with her rod; she shares an eye with her sisters. She is associated with death and reincarnation; it is said that she helps souls choose their next life and chooses peoples’ destinies. She lends her name to a species of pit vipers and a species of death’s head hawkmoths (her namesake hawkmoth is referenced in her wrap). I have previously done a rendition of her sister Atropos and plan to do Klothos as well.

The original piece was done in watercolor and colored pencil on rag paper, measuring 11 x 7".

This print (THIS LISTING IS FOR THE PRINT, NOT THE ACTUAL PAINTING) measures 8" X 12" (the painting has a 1/2" white border). It is a lovely reproduction of the original work, on photo matte paper. This listing is for the print only, no frame or matting will be included. It will be shipped in a plastic sleeve and sturdy cardboard mailer.