Lachesis (Mini Print)

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Lachesis is one of the three Moirai/Fates. The middle sister who measures the thread of life with her rod; she shares an eye with her sisters. She is associated with death and reincarnation; it is said that she helps souls choose their next life and chooses peoples’ destinies. She lends her name to a species of pit vipers and a species of death’s head hawkmoths (her namesake hawkmoth is referenced in her wrap). I have previously done a rendition of her sister Atropos and plan to do Klothos as well.

The original piece was done in watercolor and pencil on rag paper, measuring 11"x7".

Each tiny print measures approximately 2 1/2" by 3 1/2". It is a lovely reproduction of the original work, on photo matte paper. Keep it in your wallet or your purse, pop it on your alter, make your own mini art gallery, stick her on a bookshelf or somewhere she can watch over you...the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!