Iris Opalite (Pendulum)

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Opalite pendulum, measuring 9 3/4" (including pendulum), featuring a tiny cabochon version of my watercolor rendition of the Greek goddess Iris, with a teensy clear glass teardrop.

Iris, in addition to ruling over rainbows, was a messenger of the gods, and as such had a free pass into Hades (the Greek underworld/one of the Greek afterlife realms) sans consequences. She also lends her name to several multi-colored things, such as iris the flower, iris the colored part of the eye, and the word iridescent. (Oddly enough, what I've read about her definitely reports that she had gold wings, and her sister had iridescent ones...)

Opalite is said to enhance psychic abilities, induce visions, stabilize mood swings, and help one understand their true self.