Hungry Like a Wolf (Watercolor Painting)

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A dark silhouette of a wolf howls up at the moon back-lit by the pale peachy glow of candlelight on the face of this hand carved pumpkin. This image was hand painted in watercolor and ink.
(The watermark in the corner is not present on the actual painting. This listing is for the painting only and not a frame.)
This piece is done in watercolor and pencil and ink on rag paper, measuring 11" x 7", and signed and dated in pencil by me on the back. Edges are rough and ragged (as opposed to straight/even, sharply cut ones). This is a one-of-a-kind original painting done from a photograph that I took myself. The photo was taken of our pumpkins at Halloween one year (I carved all three of them myself), shortly before they caved in on themselves (it was really warm that year and they almost didn't last until Halloween).