Hope's Anchor (Poetry Print) (Pocket Print) (Mixed Media)

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Ever need a teensy pop of inspiration? Want a piece of art to adopt and love but don't want to pay for (or don't have room for) a full size print? Try this on for size: a mini print for maximum portability and minimum price.

This is one of my most persistent poems. It finds a way to slip out and get me, much the way hope does. So before I had even started working on my painting of the Greek goddess of hope, Anesidora (better known as Pandora, after her myth was corrupted to suit the people in charge at the time), I suddenly had the urge to do this drawing of her. It was so insistent that I had to go to the store and buy chalk pastel pencils (despite having several sets of chalk pastel sticks and a set of oil pastels), so that I could inscribe the poem on the drawing when I was done. It took me a few days of intense drawing to complete her, but I did. I thought about drawing her on darker paper (hence the need for chalk pastels), but instead decided to do a watercolor wash and then draw on top of that. Which gives her the dark, gritty background I was hoping for. Hope has a way of finding you even in the darkest places, and I wanted her portrait to reflect that. She has a kind of quiet light, that gets under your skin and forces you not to give up. She gets into dark, dirty places and pulls people out of them. The poem I wrote about her is woven through the highlights of her hair, faint and hard to read at times, but there all the same.

This print measures 4" x 5 1/4". It is a lovely reproduction of the original work, on photo matte paper. This listing is for the print only, no frame or matting will be included.