Gingerbread (Yule) (Note Card)

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A Yule appropriate greeting, this card features a sharp photo taken by yours truly in wintery joy. I love cookies (both making and eating them), and making cookies for the holidays is one of my favorite traditions.

A tidbit about Yule (paraphrased from various sources):
December 21 (in 2014). Also known as the Winter Solstice. Colors are red and green. Despite it being the longest night of the year, it is an extremely festive and cheery time. (Original Yule celebrations include: the Yule log, the Yule tree, exchanging presents, holly wreaths and fancy cookies).

Card Details:
Cards are approximately 5 1/2" by 4 1/4", and come with a slightly larger envelope to put them in (these ones are white, although there is a stamp on the one in the photos there will be no stamp on the one you receive; it is just for reference). And it'll be packaged in a cardboard mailer, so it won't get all bent up.