Freya (Candle)

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Designed from a watercolor painting that I did myself, this lovely candle pays homage to Lady Freya in all her fierce protective glory.

This candle stands 8" tall and is 2" in diameter.
The last one of these I burned lasted approximately 85 hours.

The painting description:
Ellen Dugan's The Enchanted Cat strikes again. After it inspired my rendition of Bast, I finally read a little further into the book and found the section on Freya. As soon as I found out she was significantly linked with the lynx (one of my favorite animals), I was off working on a new rendering of her (which is significantly better than my earlier, feebler attempts). This version includes a lynx (of course), her skirt is inspired by the aurora borealis (which was said to be created from the reflection off her armor), her falcon feathered cloak (which I made into more of a capelet so as not to obscure the rest of her), her amber necklace (which should be gold, I realize in hindsight; though at the time I chose silver to show off the chunk of amber better and create a better contrast against her skin)...and I made her a redhead instead of a blonde. I have this strange idea that goddesses of love should be red heads...I can't seem to shake it. ;)

An excerpt from the aforementioned inspiring book:
"The Norse goddess Freya was the leader of the Valkyries and a goddess of love and beauty, magick, and shapeshifting. Freya is typically portrayed as a gorgeous, full-figured, blue-eyed blonde. She wore a cloak of falcon feathers that enabled her to shapeshift. She had a golden necklace named Brisengamen, and Freya traveled about the skies flying in a chariot drawn by two grey lynx-types of large cats. One of her titles was 'Mistress of Cats.' The cat was a companion, a favored animal sacred to the goddess Freya."
-The Enchanted Cat, Ellen Dugan