Feel the Love (Painting) (Note Card)

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This piece is very important to me. It's not just a pretty image in my head, a song lyric played out (though it relates to quite a few of my favorite lines), an idea or an ideal that I thought out or reasoned or planned. It's the physical manifestation of an emotion; a feeling that can't be shaken, can't be properly expressed through any other medium. It's one that I've been holding in for a long time, that I couldn't quite commit to paper until prompted by an art contest; then I knew it was the best thing I had in me at the moment and it was ready to be poured out through my fingers, bled into paper in brushstrokes.

With Valentine's and other lovey holidays, I thought it might make a nice greeting card. For when you want to give someone your heart ;)

Oh yeah and card details, for people who care about that sort of thing:
Cards are approximately 5 1/2" by 4 1/4", and come with a slightly larger envelope to put them in (these ones are red, although there is a stamp on the one in the photos there will be no stamp on the one you receive; it is just for reference). This one is also blank on the inside, so that you may fill it with the message of your choice! (Such as "Happy Valentine's!") And it'll be packaged in a cardboard mailer, so it won't get all bent up.

Full Size Print: https://www.etsy.com/listing/186672627/feel-the-love-painting-print