Dionysus (Candle)

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Designed from a watercolor painting that I did myself, this lovely candle pays homage to the deity Dionysus.

This candle stands 8" tall and is 2" in diameter.
The last one of these I burned lasted approximately 85 hours.

The painting description:
Dionysus is the deity of grape harvest, wine making, wine, fertility, religious ecstasy, and the maenads.
This particular rendering is inspired by an article suggesting Dionysus was trans (it is cannon that "he" was very effeminate/androgynous) and the further suggestion that Dionysus was originally an Eastern goddess that became a god when adopted by the Greeks. I wasn't satisfied with any of the clothing options I had picked out for them, so I ultimately decided to dress them in a wine splash (which spread to the straps on the sandals and the binding on the right breast - I had originally toyed with the idea of a conflicting white wine splash but left the white wine for the accessories). I wanted Dionysus to be a respectful representation of a nonbinary deity. Other trans and nonbinary deities certainly existed in ancient times and it's completely plausible that as Dionysus's story spread the details changed (as happened with many other deities and myths). I also added Ariadne's constellation as a sort of a tattoo.

The article (and comments section) that inspired this painting can be found here: