Brighid Carnelian (Pendulum)

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Hexagonal pyramid pendulum in carnelian, measuring 13 1/2" (including pendulum), featuring a tiny cabochon version of my watercolor rendition of the Celtic goddess Brighid, with a small wire loop with a red glass teardrop and yellow crystal teardrop accent beads.

The painting description:
The bright fiery goddess Brighid comes to life in this painting. Her crimson, carnelian, and blood red hair flickers in the wind and her dress shines as bright as a candle flame in shades of egyptian blue, true blue, sky blue, tangerine, tangelo, gold, scarlet, and crimson.

A little more about Brighid:
I tend to think of her as "the Goddess of everything", since the list of things she is associated with is lengthy and varied. It includes (but is not limited to) healing, poetry, smithcraft, arts, crafts, keening (she invented it), fire, arrows, bells, doorways/thresholds, sunrise, spring, several kinds of animals, and she also has a sacred well.
She's also a Saint (very probably absorbed into Christianity when the people were converted so that they wouldn't have to leave their goddess behind).

Carnelian is attributed to being an energy booster and is also believed to provide one with courage, sociability and creativity, increase fertility, protect from negative emotions, and calm anger and encourage clear thought.