Bridget Valentine's (Fairy) (Bookmark)

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This bookmark features Bridget, the February fairy, stuffing some chocolate in her face. She's not much of a romantic type (she's only in it for the free candy). It's part of a small drawn mini-series (featuring Bridget-Julia/February-July) done in prismacolor colored pencil. I found that I didn't care too much for the paper I drew it on but Bridget came out remarkably well.

A tidbit about Bridget:
Bridget is one of the 13 fairies that I made up once upon a time (ha ha, no pun intended...ish) when I was a composing a (as of yet and probably perpetually) unfinished story about Sleeping Beauty. There's one for every month, plus one extra. They have all sorts of alliances and suchlike and are at war, and elemental, and all have weird names that are vaguely associated with their month names, function, or holidays therein.
Bridget is the fairy of February (as one might suspect). She is named after Brighid, who is associated with Imbolc (February 2nd, or Saint Brighid's day more or less). She is allied with Moira (the 13th monthless fairy) and Avery (April), She is the 6th oldest (all the fairies are sisters), and likes to start fires. She's a bit mischievous.

This bookmark measures 2" x 5 1/4". All my bookmarks now come in plastic sleeves!