Arke Dark Iridescent Heart Drusy (Necklace)

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This gorgeous dark iridescent heart shaped drusy is strung on a 19" long black iridescent ribbon and complimented by a mini print of my rendition of Arke.

Arke is Iris's (even less well known) twin sister. She is sometimes associated with the second, faded rainbow in a double rainbow. Like Iris, she is a goddess of rainbows and a messenger, but in the war between the gods and the titans she sided with the titans while Iris sided with the Olympians. When Zeus caught her, he punished her by ripping her wings off and casting her into Tartarus. Her wings were then given as a wedding gift to the parents of Achilles; he later wore them on his shoes (some associate this with his weakness...). Interestingly enough, Arke is said to have iridescent wings (the word comes from Iris), while her sister Iris had golden ones.

Painted in contrast to her perfectly graceful (and practically glowing) twin, Arke is less an ordered succession of rainbow hues than a chaotic blend of opposites. Her wings are a shimmery darker toned purple, as opposed to Iris's golden hued ones; she has wildly tossed hair (while Iris's falls in graceful waves), and heavy (mossy, grounded) boots instead of cute (airy, light) little slippers.