Ammunition (Poetry Print) (Pocket Print)

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Ever need a teensy pop of inspiration? Want a piece of art to adopt and love but don't want to pay for (or don't have room for) a full size print? Try this on for size: a mini print for maximum portability and minimum price.

This piece started out as an experiment with colored pencil (so many of my poetry prints start out as experiments...). I hadn't used them in a while and given my success and enjoyment with chalk pastel pencils (which I started using on my "Hope's Anchor" poetry print...), I thought I'd give them another go. So started working on a drawing of the chambers of a heart, which I felt was perfectly suited to my poem "Ammunition." And to my surprise it turned out really well (and I've been playing with colored pencils a lot more since then). The lettering and wispy embellishments were done in Sharpie.

This print measures 4" x 5 1/4". It is a lovely reproduction of the original work, on photo matte paper. This listing is for the print only, no frame or matting will be included.

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