Accept it and Go (Print) (Watercolor Painting)

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This is a piece with a story. Once in college we were frolicking about in the downtown area just off-campus, and we were deliberating crossing traffic (sometimes it just never seems the right moment not to be a victim of vehicular homicide, you know?) and I suddenly blurted (I think it was me; hard to remember now...)

"We're all gonna die; just accept it and go!"

And we all crossed the street and miraculously survived! ...and then "accept it and go" went from an inside joke to a common utterance to a sort of low-key motto (myself and at least one of my friends have it engraved on our class jewelry...). It's become a good motivational tidbit, and a recent mention of it by a friend inspired me to make a painting of it (so that other people can be motivated by it also).

The original piece is done in watercolor on watercolor paper, measuring 9" x 12". This is a one-of-a-kind original painting.
This print (THIS LISTING IS FOR THE PRINT, NOT THE ACTUAL PAINTING) measures 9" X 12" also. It is a lovely reproduction of the original work, on photo matte paper. This listing is for the print only, no frame or matting will be included. It will be shipped in a plastic sleeve and sturdy cardboard mailer.