Juniper (June)

Juniper is one of the 13 fairies that I made up once upon a time (ha ha, no pun intended...ish) when I was a composing a (as of yet and probably perpetually) unfinished story about Sleeping Beauty. There's one for every month, plus one extra. They have all sorts of alliances and suchlike and are at war, and elemental, and all have weird names that are vaguely associated with their month names, function, or holidays therein.
Juniper is the fairy of June. She's allied with Marjoram and Augustine against Moira, Bridget, and Avery. She is unique in that unlike her other sisters' alliances, she's the leader of her trio even though she is not the oldest (Marje is, but she's a little apathetic and willing to listen to her younger sister). She's a very snooty fairy and tends to think she knows better than everyone else.