Thalia and an Introduction to the Goddess Series

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I haven't worked on poor Thalia in months (since July according to my instagram feed! 😬 Yikes!).  I need to resume work on her but things have been pretty hectic (moving my shop from Etsy to Shopify for example) and I've been busy and worn out and not in a very comedic mood.  Gotta work on that.

I've been wanting to do a blog entry since I saw it as a feature to link to my new shopify page where I could post pics of things I'm working on and talk about them so jumping right in with Thalia seemed like a good idea (and a good way to get back in the mood to work on her). 

I have a large series of goddesses - I have always wanted to paint goddesses since at least high school and that was basically my painting senior project in college - though I have leveled up substantially since then - the ones I am doing now look amazingly better than the ones I did then and since Thalia is a redo I will post a comparison to my senior project Thalia when this version is complete.  There's actually an album on my Facebook page with then and now comparisons of subjects I've revisited.  

The way I work in the series is generally in sets of 4 and in each set of four there is one Greek muse.  My muse in this set is Thalia, of course.  I have a long list of goddesses I want to paint and generally the ones that had been getting under my skin the most end up in my next set (I make a lot of lists - that are constantly revised - where I try to plan a few sets ahead).  So once I am pretty sure of my next set of four I start getting more concrete ideas about what I want in each painting and searching for reference photos and then I sketch all four up before painting each one individually.  This set includes Xochiquetzal, Pele, Thalia, and Serket.

There are some that I get excited about and try to sketch but it doesn't work out and then they get pushed back (Nemesis has been pushed back several times - we just can't get it together) and someone else off my list is pulled forward in the queue.  Or, someone storms in and jumps the line (Urania - who was actually my first muse in this series) or I suddenly hear about some goddess I haven't come across before and she jumps the line despite all my plans and lists (Xochiquetzal - I got so excited about her that I just had to paint her next).  

Of course the term "goddess" here is no longer completely applicable - since my transgender rendition of Dionysus (and I have many more gender variant deities on my to do list).  "Painting" is not completely accurate anymore either since they've evolved into mixed media watercolor and colored pencil pieces.  But it's a huge, intensive series (I think I'm up to 26 now?) and a project I've always put a lot of thought of energy into.  All my deities are available as prints and candles and many of them have jewelry spin offs as well - some are even featured on my lip balm line (which I'd like to expand someday - though I need to order more tubes).  


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